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Why would something that makes me feel so good, be something that I would not do on a continual basis? On top of that, I can't believe that something that feels so good is actually natural. I am not talking Marijuana. I am talking about Yoga. I took Yoga class religiously each Sunday when I lived in New York City. In a city that never stopped, it relaxed me. It prepared me for what the next week could and inevitably would bring. It was a safe hour where I would relax and forget about everything happening around me. It was the most focused part of my week. I moved to California a year ago. The warm air and sunshine has put me on a short hiatus (or any other excuse that I could think up). However, I am determined to get back into this activity that makes me feel so good, so calm and puts me in a better mental state. This past Thursday night I decided would be my first night back. I checked the gym schedule and learned that class began at 9:00pm.. It looked like there were no excuses. I had no specific plans. And unless I got sucked into the back to back season premiere episodes of 'Friends', then it looked like I would be there - and I made it! The first step of course. Class began. Everyone took their mats and selected their places on the floor. Most people brought towels to put on top of the mats - note to self - next time bring one of these (the mats and the floor tend to be dirty). The instructor walked in. This is the first time that I have taken a class that the teacher has not asked if anyone was new to class, but maybe that was a good thing because I didn't feel as though I stood out. She put on trance-like music...The kind of music that you hear when you walk into that quaint little earthy store and always wish you knew where to buy.

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Rebecca Gorny

We began. Yoga pose after yoga pose.
It was a struggle for me to maintain my balance in a number of these positions. I found myself looking around (even if between my legs as I am bent over) to see if I was doing each of the poses correctly. I am very uncoordinated so at some points, I needed to duplicate the positioning of the person next to me.

It also helped that the instructor walked around the class adjusting our positioning. I was really enjoying it. I was feeling even better than I can remember, my mind was clearing and I was very aware of my body. I lose focus in classes very easily. For some reason, this does not happen to me with yoga.I will mention a few things that did make me consider leaving class.At one point I felt dizzy. This has happened to me before and also in other sports that I have started. However, I will consult my doctor about this, as anyone should in this situation. At one point, I actually felt nauseous, so much so that I sat down. However, I would not give up. At this point, I know you must be wondering why I continued. The reason was very simple. I remembered how relaxed I would feel at the end of class and this class was indeed making me feel great. It was so nice to stretch out various parts of my body, which do not normally receive attention.

It was also a great experience to be aware of the weight of my body during the various poses and stretches.
There are not many times that I just hold up my leg or arm and realize or even consider exactly the amount of weight the frame of my body supports. My favorite part of class was close to the end, just as it used to be in New York. The instructor had us lie on our mats. She changed the music to a softer, even more relaxed melody and had us close our eyes. This was the point where I attempted to be perfectly still and I wandered in my thoughts. It was a time when thoughts came to my mind, that I may not have been consciously thinking about. These thoughts came to the forefront, because at this point there was no escape from them. Although, emotions can arise and distressing thoughts can enter my mind, mostly positive thoughts entered my head. This was why I returned to yoga and after class, I felt great. I was almost giddy. I haven't felt that way in a long time. Although I did expect this result and it happened (maybe by the power of suggestion) it worked for me. I will go back each week with the intention of working up to twice a week... I don't want to set unrealistic goals for myself. So for now, Thursday nights at 9pm, you will all know where to find me. Drifting away, stretching and trying to achieve balance and flexibility at a level that I thought only gymnasts could reach. I encourage you to try yoga and incorporate it into your life (as I will try for myself). Yoga is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and something that should not be overlooked or underestimated. If you have the patience, motivation and desire to find something new and rewarding in your life, I strongly suggest trying it. I am almost certain it will find a permanent place in your life.

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