Jeffrey Fisher’s award-winning classical music and accomplished storytelling are combined in his new performance series touring the United States, beginning in the Southern and Southwestern states.  He will also be making media appearances and teaching T’ai Chi Chuan workshops while in each location.

On rare leave from Satyagraha -- his off-the-grid ranch in the San Jacinto Mounatins -- Jeffrey Fisher takes to the road to present his recent award-winning works Fairy Tales and Triumph of the Spirit, and to give fans a sneak-peak at pieces from his forthcoming album. He will also be making media appearances and facilitating workshops based on his many years teaching T’ai Chi Chuan.



In his musical performances – and in some workshops -- Fisher introduces new music as well as innovative storytelling concepts for parents and children related to his i-Parenting and Parent-to-Parent Award-winning CD, Fairy Tales, inspired by three beloved stories by Hans Christian Andersen.  An interactive audience approach is offered in his family workshops, incorporating relaxation and meditation/movement techniques for both parents and children.

A T’ai Chi adept and author, Fisher also offers a more advanced T’ai Chi Chuan workshop for adults during this tour; he is the author of the book T’ai Chi Basics, as well as a book on Chinese philosophy and five volumes of poetry.

“T’ai Chi is the basis for my own philosophy and my life—I feel as if I am doing T’ai Chi all the time.  We are so lucky to live in an age of so many progressive ideas; it seems like we’re close to a realization that social, political and spiritual consciousness is the same thing. T’ai Chi helps us slow down, focus, and actually live those ideas; music is a language and a state of being that brings us closer to reality, closer to our true selves.  These are tools we can use to change our world.”

In 2007, Fisher won two important awards for Fairy Tales, including the iParenting Media Award in which they described the album as “melodic and descriptive, and useful for parents as background for creative storytelling as well as for classical dance.” The album orchestrates three of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic children’s storybook fantasies – “Inchellina” (sometimes known as “Thumbellina,” the tiny adventuresome girl searching for someone her size), “Red Shoes” (the story of a selfish dancer taught an important life lesson) and “The Mermaid” (she falls in love with a human prince, but must make difficult decisions).  After composing and recording the music of Fairy Tales, it served as the performance soundtrack for the ballet “Hans Christian Andersen” which premiered in October 2006 at the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs.

In his live show, Fisher engages and delights audiences by pausing from playing music to offer insights on his pieces. For instance, for the piece “Dance of the Butterfly Children,” Fisher says, “I tried to capture the joyous, carefree essence of children dancing.”  For the “Red Shoes” story, Fisher uses darker sounds like that of the oboe to portray the trickster character “The Mad Cobbler” who makes the magical, mystical shoes.  Fisher created a waltz for the scene in “The Mermaid” in which she goes to the ball to try to catch her prince.  “On this album, I used the full sounds of the orchestra and occasionally gave expressive solos to instruments such as the viola or the bass clarinet that would normally only be heard in the background.” Fisher uses his musical skills to highlight each instrument of the orchestra in a way that not only illustrates the personalities and emotions of the fictional characters, but also perfectly captures the sound of a full orchestra.  Therein, it is educational as well as entertaining.

The performance series will also include pieces from his critically-acclaimed recording Triumph of the Spirit, which was composed to accompany the visionary paintings of Taos-based artist Charles Collins. Continuing this artistic collaboration, Fisher’s forthcoming album Ocean of Consciousness, also inspired by a Collins painting depicting a woman wading through water holding the earth above her while another floats just seemingly out of reach.  The album is slated for Spring 2008 release, and is also aimed at the New Age/Classical crossover market.  Fisher’s repertoire also includes six albums designed for healing and massage.

Music can be purchased at Fisher’s shows as CDs, or, in the innovative Dropcard format, which offers a numeric code to access 1.5 hours of specially-selected downloadable music for just $10.  His music is available from Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and select specialty stores and gift shops throughout the United States.

For a biography and more details on Fisher’s vast musical background and touring experience, visit  For more about Fisher’s T’ai Chi Chuan teaching, writing and workshops, visit


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