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NAU provides guidence in finding more conscious entertainment for the NAU community.
Music that relaxes, films that make you think and new and innovative forms of entertainment or 'innertainment'...


GRAMMY® WINNER 57th GRAMMY® Awards - 2015


Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman

Debuted at #1 in the Billboard
New Age Charts

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The New Age Music Circle, a Social Network for Supporters and Lovers of New Age and Transformational Music and Entertainment has been in existence since Fall 2008. Now it has grown to a membership network of almost 1200 members from over 60 countries. You can learn more here:

Al Conti
Interview with GRAMMY® Nominee
Al Conti is a GRAMMY®-nominated musician people worldwide recognize as a composer with a natural ability for producing some of the most vibrant, story-based albums in the new age and world music genres. Al Conti’s ability to intermingle his story based on tales of intrigue into every one of his award-winning albums, in part, originates from his life experiences and extensive international travels. Read More



enlightened love

Enlightened Love is a collection of ten compositions that permeate the heart and soul and take the listener along an audio stream of intrigue and delight. Songs including “Alicia's Dream,” “State Of No Mind” and “Enlightened Love” soothingly decompress the mind and facilitate a contemplative and reflective mood. Rajendra Teredesai's haunting flute, together with Blue Monk's skillful piano lines, charm the listener and effortlessly attune them to a state of cosmic consciousness. Both flute and piano blend very well with Blue Monk's intuitive usage of serene sound washes, skillfully arranged percussion and melodic embellishment. “Cosmic Zen,” for example, is a very enlightened piece featuring Rajendra's haunting flute and Blue Monk's clever interpretation using ethnic instruments like koto and taiko drums. It's an orchestrated composition blended with Buddhist monk chants. “Ancient Wisdom” is another track where Rajendra's skillful handling of his Native American flute weaves into Blue Monk's masterful deployment of mesmerizing drums and vocal chant. All these highly meditative tracks, including “Journey Within,” with its spellbinding hypnotic tempo, makes the album an irresistible collector’s item for those highly appreciative music lovers who value the vibrational qualities of this art. Available at


You can also download music from iTunes: Try our
Featured album YOGA HEALING


Latest Album Releases

David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks


Ethereal vocals, sweeping melodies, and ambient orchestration. With three GRAMMY nominations, twenty Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the best contemporary instrumental musicians of our time. Charlee Brooks is an American vocalist and composer. In 2014, Brooks was a featured performer in DAVID ARKENSTONE'S PBS Special, SYMPHONIC ADVENTURE.  

Temple of the Soul
Roger Davidson

This year, the NY-based pianist/composer/producer/author is embarking on new adventures, with a new album (Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies and Meditations for Solo Piano), a new future as an ordained minister, and plans to share the multitude of sacred music curated by the Society for Universal Sacred Music, which he founded in 2000.


For Roger Davidson, music is a world without boundaries. It is also a perfect path to divine connection, either playing the world-flavored music for which he’s renowned, or his latest approach, Solo Piano. No matter what the genre, one can hear the passion and joy in Roger’s music.

Experience the music at

Mystic Traveler

Enjoy this exciting re-issue of a classic “new age gem” originally released in 1987 by the Beyond/Only New Age Music record label. Christaal (aka Apollo) was inspired by his mentee relationship with a Native American from Mt. Shasta, and he composed Mystic Traveler as a tribute to all seekers of enlightenment. Each composition contains within it the vibration of Spiritual Illumination and the struggles to awaken, which each spiritual aspirant must confront on the path.

mystictraveler Christaal recorded Mystic Traveler in 1986 with the flautist Joseph Milecki when he worked with Suzanne Doucet and James Bell, involved in managing the Only New Age Music store and New Age Music Network gatherings and conferences in Hollywood, California. The music describes his path through sound and is the result of the many dimensions of consciousness he experienced during this period of intense spiritual study; many people have also reported pain relief and healing after listening to Christaal’s music. Find it at:

By A Wire
Jennifer DeFrayne

Music reviewer Bill Binkelman has written “You wouldn't think that By a Wire is pianist Jennifer DeFrayne's debut recording, so assured and confident is her playing. Jennifer’s music is, by turns, passionate and powerful and reflective and subtle, although she seems to favor the more direct approach, making sure the listener understands what she is trying to convey in music.”

byawire Indeed, a lifetime of emotion, struggle and healing is poured into By a Wire, which includes music the self-taught pianist has been developing since childhood. But it was only after she suffered a stroke as a young mother of two that she used piano playing to help heal her body & mind, and subsequently redirected her life to healing others with both her music and her work as a Reiki Master and Certified Massage Therapist. An inspiring album in origin, sound and spirituality. Enjoy at

Inner Circle
Peter Calandra

This album showcases pianist/composer/arranger Peter Calandra's talents across a wide swath of music styles from new age to jazz fusion to to ambient to pop, always with his trademark sensitivity, abundant technique, and spot-on attention to detail.

innercircle Inner Circle pays tribute to the people who’ve positively influenced Peter’s life, as well as his greatest inspiration, Nature. Working with an outstanding assortment of guest players on acoustic bass, violin, viola, cello, oboe, flute, piccolo, fretless electric bass, and vocals, Calandra explores myriad sonic landscapes, hoping to create a deeply moving experience for each listener. Explore at

Review by John P. Olsen

Spectrum by Hennie Bekker is one of the best relaxation albums I have heard so far from the award winning artist who has entertained multitudes of people over the course of several decades. Hennie Bekker from Canada, who was born and raised in Africa and lived in England, brings an entire world of experience to his music, and believe me it shows on his newest release.

Award Winning Hennie Bekker's

Read More 


at NewAgeMusicWorld



The Top Ten New Age Movies/DVDs:

What Dreams

1. What Dreams May Come (click to buy)
2. Ghost
3. Brainstorm
4. Jacob's Ladder
5. Little Buddha
6. The Last Wave
7. The Last Temptation of Christ
8. 2001: A Space Odyssey
9. My Life
10. Defending Your Life

What would you add?

"Music as a Bridge"
Music as a Bridge is a concept for a TV documentary by Guido Hoogenboom and Suzanne Doucet
find out more...



Music Choice-Soundscapes has a great selection of all New Age Music. They play many well known artists but also independent and very peaceful music!

We support John P. Olsen's New Age Music World website. Enjoy John's latest Review of the Sounds from the Circle Compilation


and B.T. Fasmer's website. You can also Listen to his radio station on 365 NewAgeStars:


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An International Festival based in Los Angeles, the New Media Film Festival celebrates the ever-changing world of new media. Declared “worth the entry fee” by MovieMaker Magazine and hailed for making “the cutting edge accessible” by Huffington Post, New Media Film Festival accepts new media entries across a variety of categories.

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